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Our canine companions have long been supporting the needs of humans. This ancient relationship has found new meaning for many people suffering from conditions such as sight impairments, diabetes, and epilepsy, as well as physical impairments.

Integrated Animal Network (IAN) is a non-profit organization that has a simple mission of connecting those in need of service dogs with the resources that can end in the wonderful union of human and canine in a united front that can improve quality of life.

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Our Mission

To provide free education, information, advocacy, and advice about and for Service Dogs, the people that need them, and the people that care for them.  To bring community support to People with Service Dogs, and to act as a bridge and resource between Service Agencies and the communities they serve.

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"I.A.N Was an invaluable resource for me as I went through the process to get Lucy.  Their help and and the resources they had available made the whole process much less daunting."


Had Service Dog Since 2003

Integrated Animal Network is a 501 C 3 Charitable Organization

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